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Project's Blog: Recent Posts

Goofies Coin Opens WLS to New Markets

Good news for the WLS community: the Goofies (GFS) token has been recently set up to enable convenient, low-fee trading of WLS for popular tokens like ETH or BTC via either HIVE market, or ETH-based PRV token. The official launch is set for November, 17.


  • 1% with a minimum of 1 WLS for converting WLS to Goofies on either HE or Incognito
  • 1% with a minimum of 1 WLS for converting Goofies to WLS on either HE or Incognito
  • 0% for converting Goofies to Whalestake on either HE or Incognito

Many of you have already had experience of trading WLS. Those who didn’t yet, be assured that the procedures to follow are quite simple. You will find all the necessary details in the newly launched @goofies blog.

More positive events are coming soon. Be prepared and follow the news!

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