About wls.social

WLS.social is built on Whaleshares platform existing since 2018. It had been designed using best principles and practices of state-of-the-art social media and content publishing projects. The platform’s architecture is the result of a thorough selection and outside-the-box thinking.

Our focus is not on content publishing by itself, neither on mere rewards, as it’s often the case in the industry. The competition is too high to ensure a decent number of community members to get decent rewards—instead, it gives rise to tension, jealousy, and greed. That’s why our focus is on building communities to make possible mutual support and shared interests, which may result in long-term, valuable relationships, making rewards the function of community, however loose, and not of the content, however brilliant.

With that said, every user is entitled to receive free unconditional daily rewards generated by the blockchain. Hence, the very presence of the user is already mining and there are no requirements to receive the daily reward beside claiming the tokens granted.

Users are welcome to tip one another from their daily rewards while still continually growing their stake in the platform. Tipping is instant, and it also triggers sharing the tipped post so that the user’s friends and followers know what is worth their attention.

All opinions matter. Post whatever is of interest to you, without fear of retribution or retaliation. Ignore whatever you find unfitting with the mute button. Those who prefer to keep out the riff-raff can make their posts available to friends or pods—groups of like-minded people every user can found. 

There is no censure as the platform is a trustless, peer-to-peer distributed network that doesn’t have or suppose a central authority. There are no downvotes or karma points either. However users are encouraged to respect the basic principles of civilized talk. Human dignity and human rights are to be respected on the platform as well as in the whole world.

While all posts are public by the very blockchain’s nature, disclosing the user’s real-life identity is not required on the platform—you’re free to be yourself, or be yourself, incognito.