Some New INFO About The SPLASH Airdrop 💦

As you can clearly read in the Screen Shot below, we all have to wait for Jacob's instructions about exactly how to claim the long awaited "Splash Airdrop". Details about the correct sending [ Address Memo ] we will ONLY receive after creating our new Splash accounts.

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 15.22.40.png

  • The (copied) Text below, was written by me in the Official WhaleShares Discord Channel.

Splash launch is delayed, for many reasons. Mostly to fix bugs in the Blurt Front Ends (there is an existing issue with uploading photos). However, commenting on [ ] works fine.
Splash needs the validators (witnesses) to create their Pi accounts, I think only a couple of them have succeeded so far. Once there are enough of them, we will be able to create our own Splash Accounts. Only then will we have the correct ADDRESS to send to the special @freewilly account on either WLS or BLURT.
Previously, weeks ago there was an announcement saying that the Splash Airdrop would be X3 our WhaleStake ~ That statement has now been changed to the ratio 1:1 ~ so now it's exactly the same as Blurt holders will get 1:1
So to sum up ~
100 WhaleStake (only powered up) not liquid = 100 Splash
100 Blurt (powered up) = 100 Splash
Be aware that only active Blurt & Wls members will get the Splash Airdrop ~ In addition , an action also has to be done √ Namely: by sending the correct ADDRESS to the special @ Freewilly account.
That's all I know so far, maybe Jacob ( @faddat ) can say some more .....

Thanks for listening, bye for now... 👋