My Target of 300K WhaleStake is fast approaching ~ but I will probably stop there and focus more on boosting my other (much smaller) WhaleShares accounts! 💦



  • avatar darrenclaxton on April 3, 2021

    Hey mate! How do you trade WLS? is it still on Bitshares?

    • avatar profanereviews on April 4, 2021

      You can trade BTC-WLS on

    • avatar andy-whaleshares on April 3, 2021

      The last time i looked Bitshares were charging a 5,000 wls fee per transfer I've not used them in 2 years

      You can send from Whaleshares (wallet) to Hive Engine

      Example below.... Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 00.14.06.png

      Sent to: wlslink WLSLINK Memo: Your Hive Engine account (which is normally your Hive Platform account). Minimum ammout 100 wls (3% FEE will be deducted on HE)