WLS Price is just too low to sell ~ So might as well HODL and hope for a miracle 😎 Thursday Thoughts!



  • avatar ijmmaiwitness on April 1, 2021

    Not sure hoping for a miracle will do much for WLS price. Some action might work better. HODL is good advice though.

    Low price does make it easier for people to start, and power up their account.

    • avatar andy-whaleshares on April 1, 2021
      • That's true Jamie, I am waiting... on Hive Engine... :wls_smile: Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 11.42.22.png
  • avatar darthnava on April 2, 2021

    Why not keep the power down rate to only a month like LEO did?

    • avatar andy-whaleshares on April 2, 2021

      Because Whaleshares was designed this way to stop members from "cashing out" too fast. Remember, anyone who gives up and stops claiming their "daily rewards"! ~ Their future "Daily Claim" amounts will then go to the @devfund automatically.

      If you could Power Down WLS in a month, who would you sell it too? There are very few buyers now!

      • Take a look below... :eye: Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 11.53.01.png

      Have you looked at the current price of LEO recently? It's dropping FAST :thinking_face:

      • avatar cherie on April 3, 2021

        I saw the LEO , how weird

        • avatar andy-whaleshares on April 3, 2021

          I think some Traders maybe selling Leo to buy more Hive I'm not certain though Cherie... :thinking_face:

  • avatar cherie on April 2, 2021

    No miracle it is only advertising and Devs work , it is funny how you guys wake up to that reality ( Sam included )

    • avatar andy-whaleshares on April 2, 2021

      Yes, that's true Cherie :thinking_face:

      • but who exactly is doing all the DEV work with NO "WLS Team" anymore ?
      • What new projects are being created ? Do you know Cherie ?
      • avatar cherie on April 3, 2021

        We could plan on doing advertising and finding DEVs , i might have found one