Growing A New Business in the UK

Growing any new Business venture in the current UK economic climate can be extremely challenging indeed. Even with great vision and an economically viable idea, we have a lot to contend with at the moment! Namely: Brexit, Covid-19 and a very high UK inflation rate (approx 2.5%).

However, with determination and clear objectives anything can be achieved with hard work and determination. So I will now talk more about Grace, she is a very clever young woman with her own personal vision of the future of her new Business. She is both helpful and friendly to her customers, which I think is very important to growing any new Business. After all, who wants to be served by someone who is always rude and grumpy?

The following story is about "Grace" and her determination to succeed in her exciting new business venture. Grace has a very friendly approach to people and her bubbly personality makes her very easy to talk to. Time will tell just how successful her Mobile "Coffee & Bar" enterprise will be, and I wish her all the best. Judging by the amount of people in the picture enjoying her excellent Coffee, her new career path certainly looks promising indeed (in my opinion) ☕️

I first met Grace after a long walk down the pathway next to the Basingstoke Canal very close to Woking Town "Shopping Centre". As you can see in the photo below (which has been edited by me), just how beautiful this location really is. Even though I have made the photo look like an "oil painting" with digital special effects. Those of you who live locally to Woking, will instantly recognize this particular Canal section 🍂

Photo Location: Brewery Road, Basingstoke Canal, Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom (close to the World Wildlife Centre).

Opening Times for Coffee is...
Tuesday to Friday 8.30am - 2pm, Sat: 9am - 3pm, Sun: 10am - 3pm. ☕️


The above image was edited by me in my personal ShutterStock Editor Account.
The original photo is Copyright 2020 ©Kiwi & Scot (used with permission).

Now on with my story... ✍️

In my first conversation with Grace, she told me that she had been made redundant from her "high powered" Hospitality marketing job in London. At first she was devastated about losing her job and how the Covid-19 Government restrictions had caused this to happen. However, after thinking hard about what to do next, and talking to her very supportive family. Grace suddenly saw a brighter future, with a new opportunity for herself to be "Self Employed".

So with much help and financial support from her family, Grace purchased a Vintage styled van. Then began the time consuming task of refurbishing the inside with Coffee making equipment. The Vintage van can also be easily converted to a Mobile Bar, fully equipped with alcohol dispensing equipment for private functions.



IMG-1800 copy.jpg


In the far off future, Grace hopes to get back into the Hospitality Marketing Sector, but that takes time to find new clients. I'm sure that it will happen, as Grace is so ambitious! Perhaps finding someone else to run her Mobile Coffee shop will be the perfect solution, at the right time... 🤔

Thank you Grace for sharing your thoughts with me, and giving me your kind permission to post some of your awesome photographs. 👍

All of the above photos are strictly Copyright ©2021 ©Kiwi & Scot
Image Source: Please visit the Website [here] for more info and photos

Social Media Links 📣 For Grace's Mobile Coffee Shop.

Company Website:

Many thanks for reading my latest Business related article, see you again soon... 👋



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