Passing Vessels on my Local Canal

Today I had to take a walk into Town specifically to buy some Vape Coils. Normally I would buy them on-line (as they are cheaper) but that takes a few days for delivery. I also like to support local Business as the shops are an important part of our Town's economy.


So I prefer to walk and enjoy the wildlife on the Canal while walking along the public footpath next to the water. In total the journey takes me about 40 minutes to complete. At the end of my journey I sit and drink a hot coffee from a lady named "Grace" who owns a mobile Coffee van. She obviously pays the local Council money to trade next to the canal. Perhaps a small amount, but that also helps boost the Town's economy.

Usually on my walk I only see Canal Barges traveling along the Canal, but today I also noticed a few Kayaks which I have not seen before. Grace told me that they arrived just a few days ago, after the Club got permission to use the Canal. Even more funds for the Council, which helps pay for the Canal canal's upkeep. The Canal needs to be dredged at least every couple of years to stop the Barges from getting stuck on rocks and rubbish that may be under the water.

  • In the picture below you can see the footpath next to the Canal.


  • These Kayaks and Barges are an important part of our Town's Economy.


  • Perhaps these vessels are more like "Paddle Boards" than Kayaks, not really sure to be honest!


All original photos (above) were taken by me
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Many Thanks for your kind attention, see you again soon... 🙋‍♂️ Andy