Song πŸ‘‰ Jasa Poma

Hi whalesares lovers, have you ever heard this song or not?

This is a typical Aceh song that is very thick in the country of Indonesia.

This song was sung by Rafly Kande, a local Acehnese artist who has gone international and I love it.

This song is a devotional song about mothers, the tone and rhythm sounds very melodious. If you listen to this song, you will surely remember your mother's sacrifice, a longing to see her, and a feeling of wanting to apologize for all your mistakes.

Try to play it and hear what you think of the lyrics of the song !

Enjoy, hope you like it..

Title : Jasa Poma
Create : Rafly Kande
Singer : Rafly Kande

Lyrics Jasa Poma

Jasa poma jasa poma
Ingat tanyoe bandum
Ingat sabe .. ingat sabe
Bek geutanyoe lalee

Yoh watee ubit
Geusayang sabee
Adoe ngon aduen
Saban geu doda
Yoh watee ubiet geusayang sabe
Uroe ngon malam sabe lam doa

Ingat sabe.. ingat sabee
Bek geutanyoe lalee

Gaseh ngon sayang
Poma meutuah
Sabe geupapah siumu masa
Bek tameulawan meu sikrek haba
Singoh geupasoe lam nuraka
Sabe ta turot wasiet di poma
Wasiet di poma
Seulamat di donya ngon alam baka

Allahumma firli waliwalidaiya warhamhuma
kamarabbayani sarira

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