Song Rafly Kande👉 Krueng Daroy

Hi whalesares lovers, have you ever heard this song or not?

This is a typical Aceh song that is very thick in the country of Indonesia.

This song was sung by Rafly Kande, a local Acehnese artist who has gone international and I love it.

The meaning of the Aceh song sung by Rafly Kande entitled "Krueng Daroy". Described, the water flowing from a Mount Mata Ie is also a witness to the history of the triumph of the kingdom of Aceh during the reign of King Iskandar Muda. The water flowed through the Aceh kingdom and became the main source of livelihood at that time. The proof, we can still see that currently Putoe Phang Park in Banda Aceh City is also traversed by Krueng Daroy, whose spring is located in the top of the crew, namely Mata Ie.

Try to play it and hear what you think of the lyrics of the song !

Enjoy, hope you like it..
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Title : Krueng Daroy
Create : Rafly Kande
Singer : Rafly Kande

Ie krueng daroy jeut keu seujarah
Bak putroe kamaliah manoe meu upa 2x

Iskandar muda geukuh krueng nyan
tempat meuseunang putroe di raja
iskandar muda geukuh krueng nyan
Tempat meuseunang hai raja di raja

Pucok krueng daroy lam glee mata ie
Ie jihile uteungoeh banda
meulikok likok puta lam taman putroe phang..Meu alon alon alang bak bineeh meuligoe raja

Ie jihile jeurneh hana ban
Sang sang cit ie nyan lam kulam kaca
lagee krueng kal kausar lam syuruga lapan
Keu ie seumbahyang raja di raja

Adak musem krueng ie krueng hantom tho
meunan kheuh judoh iskandar muda
geu puga pinto khop ngeon gunongan
Keu dali ureung nyan keu lageum cinta 2x

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