I'm "Powering Down" My HIVE Power 🐝

Why! You ask ? Am I doing this? The answer is just that 3.36% APR is simply NOT enough for me to get excited about. There are so many other Tribes and Tribe Tokens that can earn far more!

I admit that I'm crap at HIVE curation, and probably should delegate my HP to a Whale. I just can't be bothered with doing that for maybe 0.5 HIVE liquid per day (if I'm lucky).

Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 21.47.23.png

So what is the best solution? In my opinion (I'm not always correct) there are 4 tribes that show high potential ~ These being CINE | VIBES | CTP and off course the amazing POD (which is worth far more than $HIVE).

Thanks for your kind attention... 👋



  • avatar lucashunter on June 12, 2021

    That is why WLS is much more better compared to HIVE. We get more than 30% APR which is amazing when things pop open.

    • avatar cryptocurrencies on June 12, 2021

      Yeah, That's true , but WLS needs a lot more buyers at a sensible price (in my opinion). Too many sellers! and not enough buyers!

      • Time will tell if it pops :+1:
      • avatar thevarietyartist on June 19, 2021

        We gotta find a way to balance it out.

        • avatar cryptocurrencies on June 19, 2021

          I earn far more from curating with #CINE #VIBES & #POB Tokens.

          • Staking $HIVE is just not working for me!
          • Better to sell for other "2nd Layer" Tokens (in my opinion).