Temp Disabled all witnesses till further notice ..

Host did maintenance and I missed the email in spam folder SMH Whaleshares.io disabled thanks to webwallet & Smoke.io I am trying to figure WTF to do since I only have access to my windows rig ATM


Thank you everyone for your support and votes, I will be back up in no time!

That's it, @d00k13 Out!!!



  • avatar ijmmaiwitness on April 12, 2021

    You are going to make us miss our witness reward from m0ssa99 :wls_joy: Good luck

    • avatar d00k13 on April 12, 2021

      Is that what happens? I was wondering how that all worked?

      • avatar ijmmaiwitness on April 13, 2021

        m0ssa99 is probably the nicest witness on the platform. He shares his rewards with the people who voted for him, but only to those who have no votes cast on disabled witnesses.

        It is all scripted as far as I know, he is clever with code. The code won't take in account temporarily disabled witnesses, and I doubt anyone will go through the trouble to unvote you.

        I was just joking though. It is good to see your witness is running fine again.

        • avatar d00k13 on April 15, 2021

          Might have to follow up with him about some coding projects I wish to get started for OneLove ... I would love for our curation bots to be able to curate cross more chains

          • avatar ijmmaiwitness on April 16, 2021

            He can easily be reached on discord

            • avatar d00k13 on May 6, 2021

              I suppose I should get my witness back up and running before I try expand LOL