Checking In!

Robert Lousma CAPCOM Apollo 13 and Myself at a Meet and Greet.

Hi Guys!

Some of you here may know me, some may not. I have been around since Steemit days, and am really enjoying getting to know what HIVE is becoming and branching out to be. Forgive me if I do not understand completely the different ecosystems and how they work, it seems like daily almost, I find a new ".io" server offering a new bit of investment opportunity! Today, it is #WhaleShares!

No Idea Really...

Ok so I am lying, I really have no idea what is going on, but I know I am all in with anything coming from #HIVE, so here I am! I hope I can bring something to the community, and like to think I have a varied knowledge base and interests. I am kidding when I say I have no idea what is going on, I am really referring to the growth of everything crypto and how difficult it is at times to keep up. In my former life, I wrote about my recovery from drugs and alcohol, but that was years ago. Now mainly I write about my experiences in crypto and my life in general. My wife produces a show for the #WeedCash network called #NightCapWithNancy, which I edit, and I am a delegated curator for the #MusicForLife community as well. I am happy to have found this place, and again, I hope I can provide value here!



  • avatar ijmmaiwitness on April 10, 2021

    Welcome to Whaleshares. How did you find us?

    I hate to be the one to burst your bubble on your first post, but Whaleshares is not related to Hive. Or did you mean something else with this sentence

    "I know I am all in with anything coming from #HIVE, so here I am!".

    Steemit and Hive are more or less the same, since Hive started as a 1 on 1 copy of Steemit. They changed a few things after that, but still much alike. Blurt kind of did the same thing.

    Whaleshares is based on the Steemit code, but content and accounts have been created from scratch. It took 4 hard forks to shape Whaleshares in more or less the way it was intended. Still some work to do.

    The major difference between the other blockchain platforms and Whaleshares is the way the rewardpool is distributed. The curation model is not used here. Every member gets their share of the rewardpool based on the amount of Whalestake they own. This share is claimable every day (check the Status/Rewards page). It doesn't stack, unclaimed daily rewards go to the devfund account.

    This daily reward can be claimed to your own whalestake, a friend's whalestake, or to your Tip Balance.

    Your Tip Balance is what you use to reward other people's posts/comments. Those rewards are available to the rewarded member instantly. You will see the rewards you received on this post, ready to claim on that earlier mentioned Status/Reward page.

    You may have noticed, you can only reward posts/comments (and even accounts), there is no downvoting available. The rewards (we call them tips) you receive are yours, no one can take a way a penny from it.

    There is room for everyone to post in the way that suits them best. Everyone gets rewarded with a daily reward. Additional rewards are earned mostly by engaging to others. Engagement is highly valued.

    On another note, how is your Townstar game coming along? Noticed you in their discord as well.

    • avatar daronknol on April 12, 2021

      Strange, now I am going to have to go on a hunt. I am fairly certain I found you guys through one of the lists of active "Hive" projects. I am noticing however that some of them are like this one, not really "Hive" per se, but maybe just somehow related through a witness or something. To answer your question, I would have to search to find exactly how I found you, so please do not make me......I will cry. Anyway, thanks for the run down, so I have to go claim my rewards every day huh? Cool way to make sure you keep people engaged, innovative and I like it! I like the varied topics here, and I even know @papa-pepper some from back when I was first on Steemit and he is super cool, so, thanks for the welcome! Hope I can provide something to what you're doing here!

      • avatar ijmmaiwitness on April 12, 2021

        Don't worry I was just curious how you ended up here, no need to spend time on searching for it.

        Yes, your daily claim needs to be claimed daily. Your tips (rewards on posts/comments/account) however will be there as long as it takes for you to decide to hit that "Claim Tips to Whalestake" button.


        Papa Pepper is a good example of "there is room for everyone". He doesn't really participate in the community, just posts. No interaction with other users (no rewards no comments). This is not a problem, but it reflects in the rewards he (doesn't) get on his own posts.

  • avatar feelx on April 10, 2021

    Welcome to this nice platform. I hope you enjoy the ride. A lot of answers on your questions about whaleshares you can find on the @tutorials account. All aboard!!

  • avatar curationstation on April 14, 2021

    Great to have you on board. Welcome

  • avatar chrisbird on April 13, 2021

    Welcome, @daronknol I hope you find some like-minded individuals here and enjoy yourself.

  • avatar andy-whaleshares on April 10, 2021

    I am also active in the #MusicForLife Community :man_dancing:

    • Enjoy the WhaleShares vibes √