Bath and beauty service on whaleshares (stephs bars & stars)

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Hi everyone, Today me and my partner decided to start our business in the crypto world , so I thought of whaleshares, STEEM, HIVE and serey. we still in progress making the products but some are ready for sale.
We currently only selling soaps at current moment, but we will be expanding as we grow. Each of our soaps will have unique anime character that represent the soap. All of our soap is 100% organic and natural.

This is one of our characters for our blueberry muffin soap. (other characters still in the making)

Soaps Products (in stock)

  1. Blueberry Muffins
  2. Jelly beans & tutti frutti
  3. Apple & Jasmine
  4. Vanilla & peach

Products coming soon!

  1. Bath bombs
  2. body butter
  3. candles

Payment options

We will be accepting the following payments:

  • WLS
  • HIVE
  • UK bank transfer
  • BTC
  • SEREY (Not currently)
  • Paypal
    We will be accepting other payments in the future based on the community. There is also possibilities that payments option will be removed.

Are you selling currently?

Yes and no, I will be officially selling the products as I list them on my next posts with prices but if you want to buy sooner please visit our discord.

Will you ship to other countries?

Yes but shipping fees will be added.

Future goals

As we grow, we want to create a Dapp that work across all chains and create a market place for bath and beauty products. We also may create a token (most likely on hive) which can be used for our services. These tokens will be earnable through tribes and through purchasing goods.

Join our discord to stay updated.

discord channel:

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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  • avatar profanereviews on January 7, 2021

    How is this going for you? My wife and I have a soap business but we can't afford to ship it in Canada, let alone the rest of the world. We just sell locally now.

  • avatar ijmmaiwitness on October 26, 2020

    Great idea. Can I ask about the technical side of things? What platform are you going to be hosting the webshop on?

    A contest for a new logo could be a way to increase exposure for your products.

    • avatar liaminit on October 26, 2020

      We got a few in mind such as shopify, ebay, serey market place. We will also be talking orders from our Discord for payment such as steem, wls, hive until there is a such market place that accepts these payments or if I ever create a Dapp. The next post will include how to buy our products.

      I was thinking that, I probably will start a logo contest in a few days time. Need to sort out a few stuff first.

      • avatar ijmmaiwitness on October 26, 2020

        Someone created a WLS payment plugin some time ago for use with WordPress Woocommerce I think. Not sure it still works, and if that is a way you want to go.

        • avatar liaminit on October 26, 2020

          Will have a look, is it on WordPress plugins? Can't seem to find it.