MAS Frontend: Mobile Version Launched


We are happy to announce that this frontend is now available in two versions, for desktop and for mobile. While the mobile version’s idea is to be as simple and smooth as possible, the desktop one will in time offer much more functionalities than it has currently. It also uses WhaleVault for authorisation, which allows the operations yet unavailable on the official frontend (e.g. editing profile settings) The goal is to lower the entrance barrier for new users.

While the last bugs are being fixed, you are welcome to test and try the new frontend and share your feedback.

More functionalities are to come to the desktop version soon—follow the news!



  • avatar profanereviews on October 27, 2020

    Awesome. I don't usually get to use Whaleshares on my phone but this is very cool. I have a question about the desktop version though. How can I see the different tags, such as the introduceyourself tag?

  • avatar marianomariano on October 22, 2020

    It would be good to make different language versions, it is a problem for many social media portals of this type and an underestimated marketing force

    • avatar mas on October 23, 2020

      yes that's true, after main functionality is implemented. Currently the code is changing too fast :)

  • avatar ijmmaiwitness on October 24, 2020

    Nice to see mobile users getting their own version.

  • avatar feelx on October 22, 2020

    I like the layout. Will there be a night mode in the (near) future?

    • avatar mas on October 22, 2020

      Yes it is planned for the mobile version, after the redesign and bug hunting are finished.

  • avatar deewon56 on October 22, 2020

    You are doing well 💞💞

    As for my feedback ,it seen that op post and comment can be tip via using mobile version unlike using front end of whaleshares itself guess is bugs

    • avatar mas on October 22, 2020

      Thanks, will check! :)