Whaleshares Needs a Dependable Way To Trade Coins

Why Bother If The Coins are Un-tradable

I'm getting a bit annoyed with the fact that there isn't a reliable way to trade coins. What good is it to have a platform where you earn tradable tokens with value (even if it is near zero) if you can't reliably get that token onto an exchange.


Admittedly, running a witness on Whaleshares is very low effort. Not free, but also not expensive; and there is not much maintenance. However, it would be nice if I could actually make a tiny amount of return from my investment.

First there was Rudex. In the past, I sent a large amount of coins over and waiting three days for it to show up in my account. After never getting my coins, I contacted their support and they fixed it. The next time, I sent just sent a smaller amount to test it, and it never went through. Turns out, I sent just under the 'minimum threshold', and they told me I was out of luck. So essentially, they considered it a donation and lost my business forever. Not as if they care, being that WLS is basically worthless. (I blame the last hard fork, and the ill conceived tipping system)

Now we have @wlslink, which worked great for a while; but now it isn't without any warning. I sent over 15.6k WLS and it's disappeared into the ether. (No pun intended, but I wish it had disappeared into Ether)

So at this point, I don't really see any reason to continue running a witness or contributing to this platform in any way. I was really stoked about this project when it began, but it has turned into a giant waste of time and an incredible waste of money. I'd be lucky to get $100 back from thousands of dollars that I poured into this project.



  • avatar vidafitnessfeliz on October 13, 2020

    Waoo, you have two options to surrender or continue to build the future of wls, every way of entrepreneurship can be successful and others experience to improve. be the decision I make will be good. successes I for now trust in wls will accompany him to his last breath of life.

    • avatar nuthman on October 14, 2020

      Whaleshares is not going anywhere.

    • avatar andy-whaleshares on October 13, 2020

      Good for you @vidafitnessfeliz enjoy :joy:

  • avatar thevarietyartist on October 15, 2020

    Maybe we should e-mail Blocktrades to see what needs to be done to add WLS on their exchange. I traded Steem/SBD on there before they removed it and it was easy and fast. I've been thinking about this since I joined. I am just all for a back up in case Rudex/Bitshares is having problems.

    • avatar nuthman on October 18, 2020

      I don't think this account deserves the support of blocktrades at this point. It would have been a great idea 6 months ago!

  • avatar ijmmaiwitness on October 14, 2020

    Let me start by saying thanks for your support. Everyone can start or stop being a witness, no explanation needed.

    For the record, everyone can use Rudex to move WLS in or out the system. That system has always worked and still does. Their fees and minimum amounts change from time to time, those changes have been published, but I agree, a message is easily missed. None of this is in control of anyone within the community though.

    The Hive Engine bridge is and has been run by a community member. The one who started the project was able to run a more or less stable service, the one he handed it over to seems to have trouble keeping it running.

    People can either blame that new guy and walk out because of that, or if the service is important to them, lend him a hand, offer some support.

    I am not impressed either, more surprised, how a temporary flow in a system that wasn't even here when you started can be the cause for stopping. No hard feelings though, I wish you luck and a happy future for you and your family.

    • avatar nuthman on October 18, 2020

      If you think that's the only reason that I'm leaving, then I'm even more unimpressed. (the unimpressed one-up wars continue!)

      • avatar ijmmaiwitness on October 18, 2020

        No wars happening, I had to go with what you posted.

        • avatar nuthman on October 18, 2020

          I was making a joke. Perhaps there is a language barrier.

  • avatar gaeljosser on October 15, 2020

    I feel you Rick, and I agree on the damage that came to this blockchain and its value after HF3 and on. We put a lot of heart here, but the project took such a different route even from what it is written on the Whalepaper. I supported your witness early on since I met you on Discord, and to see you stood by Whaleshares all this time talks about how you also believed in this project. You are more than justified; I hope things get better. Hugs.

    • avatar nuthman on October 25, 2020

      Thanks buddy. Unfortunately all of these Graphene related projects have been a complete flop. If I had just kept every penny I ever bought in crypto and left it in BTC, I'd be VERY wealthy right now. Instead, I believed in a bunch of promises, hopes and dreams that never came to pass.

  • avatar chesatochi on October 14, 2020

    I hope Whaleshare to improve, this place has potential.

  • avatar andy-whaleshares on October 13, 2020

    Ohhhh! Rick now you sound exactly like me :grinning:

    I have said over & over that the "Tipping System" just does not work, and the decline is ever since HF3 was first introduced.

    • I tried to voice my concerns on WLS Discord (but I got banned, still banned). So I give up trying! I now accept that WhaleShares will never be what I had hoped.

    • For me, WLS is just a "Staking Pool" that earns me a tiny amount every day!

    The #wlslink breaks because of the nodes. I know that Yehey is working on a better way of doing it (but slow progress). He is a nice guy, you can PM him on Discord , he will sort you Rick Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 23.58.05.png

    • avatar nuthman on October 13, 2020

      Thanks, I'll ask him. But I'm done with WLS. Just shut down my witness.

      • avatar andy-whaleshares on October 13, 2020

        Sorry Bro, sad to see you go, but I completely understand why :+1:

  • avatar amar on October 14, 2020

    Hi Rick,

    I'm sad to see you go. You were one of the people who encouraged me to be here. But not many people are active here like in the earlier days. Nowadays I also come here just to claim the reward as I don't have time to write or post anything else. Thanks for your evergreen support to build the community as well as to me. If not in whaleshares, let's keep in touch in discord or other platforms wherever and whenever we meet.

    Have a good year ahead! Cheers brother!

    • avatar nuthman on October 18, 2020

      Thanks, bro! I'm still over at Hive, just not posting much these days. All of these platforms are going to shit. I feel like these types of paid to blog projects are a failed experiment that had a great run!