Are there any public nodes?

I tried to send some coins to rudex, but never received them. Rudex support responded saying that they cannot find any public nodes.

Are there any available? I already managed to sell 200k for a sickening $50. I might as well get the other 5 dollars to make it an even 99.999% loss on all my work, effort and time on this platform. Thanks a lot for the changes that destroyed this platform.



  • avatar ijmmaiwitness on May 15, 2021

    It is not that they CAN'T help you, it is more that they WON'T help you. Without connection to a public full node their scripts that monitor the rudex account here on the platform obviously don't work. That doesn't mean they can't help you out if they WANTED to.

    They could manually process the funds. Perform the same actions the script performs. I am not saying it is an ideal situation, but it can be done.

    After the recent chain stop, some remodeling is going on for the back end. The idea is to have one public full node address, preferably the old one ( that will distribute requests to a serie of full nodes. This will make the system more stable for everyone.

    Setting up a system like that takes, time, effort, and money. Some users are putting in their time, their effort and their own money to make that work.

    When people like to claim Whaleshares is dead, they are wrong. It is more alive than ever, more decentralized than ever too.

    When this issue was brought up on Discord, it was mentioned the people who are putting in their time, effort and money, prioritized being able to post, comment, tip, claim over being able to move WLS in and out the platform. I think it is fair to have the one who pays, decide what happens first.

    It was suggested to those who find moving WLS in and out more important, to put in their own time, effort and money to make that work if they couldn't wait for what is coming.

    Everyone is free to setup a full node and make it public.

    • avatar nuthman on May 16, 2021

      I'll tell you what, since money doesn't matter to you, why don't you go ahead and send me $10k USD worth of ETH, or some other coin to make up for the value that I lost buying WLS. I will tip my hat to you and smile with a big hug and a thank you.

      If the value of the token was never a priority, and it's every man for himself; then the coin should never have been publicly traded to begin with.

      Everyone is free to setup a full node and make it public.

      It is a little bit disingenuous to consistently put the blame on exchanges, or regular investors and end users for not doing the extra leg work to make their coins tradable, when they were in the past.

      I get it, 'decentralized'. Essentially, my argument is true, that WLS is dead. This is now something else with the same name. I say that, because the old WLS had value, while this one does not. The people who invested 1000s of dollars like me got shafted, while those involved with development amassed millions of coins mostly for free or way less than pennies on the dollar.

      And to be honest, it isn't even really possible for someone to get a large stake at this point since you can't buy coins anywhere with any real liquidity.

      This platform has left me with the same feeling that I got a few years back when I bought stock in an oil company. When the price of oil tanked, the company went bankrupt invalidating the value of all our stock. The company reformed with a new ticker and didn't suffer any of the consequences. This is what it feels like to hold WLS. It took me forever to power down the few hundred k that I had, and it all amounted to less than 50 dollars. That's even with over of year of running several nodes and a witness in the top 20. So yeah, I'm a little pissed off.

      • avatar ijmmaiwitness on May 16, 2021

        You know what is funny? When there is a hiccup on one of the other platforms, it is just a hiccup. When there is a hiccup on Whaleshares, it is the end of the world. You want to make it seem like exchanges not being able to utilize their scripts is a condition that will last. You also want to make it seem like the exchanges hands are tied, they are not. The last step that needs to be taken, fully takes place within their own system. It is not ideal, but not impossible either. That said, they will be provided with a full node address soon.

        The old Whaleshares as you like to call it, the before HF4 version, had all the trouble you still see on the other platforms. Vote for vote, bot vots, abuse, spam, downvoting, cj, whales selfvoting, and so on. People on those platforms still scream for engagement, quality of content, and new people wanting to be seen in the flood of posts, to at least get some reward for their effort. That is what Whaleshares stepped away from. Where is the value in every platform doing the same thing?

        The only thing that changed was rewardpool distribution. It is the same reward pool amount, but distributed by stake instead of curation. It is more fair and removes a lot of the trouble seen on the other chains.

        What changed between people was, will your friends still reward your content or keep their daily reward to themselves. Everyone yelled no one is going to tip. Time has shown, people are more than willing to tip. I do believe most have set the bar a little higher. Having a choice between adding to your own stake or supporting others makes that people want to see some value (engagement, content, support) in return for their support. That is not a bad thing.

        You are free to move your WLS out of the system (which you already did), but in my opinion it is a mistake. The value of the coin is low, which is great for new people, but for you it doesn't result in a large amount of money. Instead you could gain some every day, meanwhile profit from the effort others are putting into moving this platform forward, and who knows what effect it will have on coin value in the future.

        Everyone who wants to remove their stake are free to do so, of course. The more stake you remove, the higher the daily reward gets for those who are more involved.

        You are barking up the wrong tree where it concerns, investment, effort, loss of money and so on. I did all that, probably even a little more, and I am still doing that. I am not angry, or sad, or pissed off. For me that is just a reason to put in more effort and keep going. The future is bright.

  • avatar andy-whaleshares on May 14, 2021

    I feel your pain Rick, as I have felt the same many times!

    I have simply learned to accept how this platform works (or NOT) , accumulate WLS and try not to let it annoy me...

    I'm not that Technical about Blockchain issues, but I have been told that there is an issue with the FULL NODE

    Who eaxctly is working on fixing this, I have no idea ~ As I have also been told many times that there is NO TEAM anymore...

    Confusion rains as always, take care Rick :wave: Stay Safe :pray:

    • avatar nuthman on May 14, 2021

      Don't bother accumulating it when it is effectively untradeable. Eventually the remaining people keeping it running will get tired of wasting their time, then you will all be left holding the bags!