Forget me society ~Drop in the Ocean: Superficial

Barbie and Ken do not require much more,
all meaning provided by silly adult whores.
Attention, money, ego, sunny
Touch my honey, nose bloody.

My knowledge is general, I am a dustjacket General.
All ties are ephemeral, bonds ethereal.
I go to no funerals because I know no one's initials.

If a tie is not torn,
then it is a noose to be worn.

I will have no funeral,
only dust
      on my
                  to cover

Mean words that hurt your simple feelings,
Then you reach into history and pretend you are bleeding.
Cemented values based on sandcastle reasoning

Please stop all your fucking preaching!

Cut me as deep as you are greedy,
quench your vapid needs,
blood steadily streaming.

Bodies on the ground,
looking down at me.
I am drowning,
sound asleep.

Wake me!

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  • avatar winkandwoo on October 24, 2019

    oooh that's a puzzle to be untwisted , i like your harsh words.

    • avatar penderis on October 24, 2019

      thanx, if it seems like a puzzle it is only because I confuse myself :)

  • avatar profanereviews on October 24, 2019

    Fuck, you are skinny.

    • avatar penderis on October 24, 2019

      and looking hella good :)

    • avatar anouk.nox on October 24, 2019

      lol, someone seems to be jealous of @penderis' skinniness :P

  • avatar jenzy-wls on October 24, 2019

    More deeper meaning on this poem Full of emotions

    • avatar penderis on October 24, 2019

      But mostly anger the others are a bit girly for my liking. :) Thank you

  • avatar feelx on October 24, 2019

    Seems a Dark Metal or even a Doom Metal song :guitar:

  • avatar cherie on October 27, 2019

    Life ....